Who they are

A large retail group whose subsidiaries include several well-known, mid-market jewellery brands.

What they needed

The company was looking to improve the online shopping and order fulfilment process in time for the peak holiday season. 

Where they were when we started

Each year between Christmas to Valentine’s, a high volume of sales was overloading the company’s e-commerce systems. Orders were getting lost and unhappy customers were calling to find out what had happened to their products. Staff were spending countless hours tracking down lost orders and tens of thousands of pounds in sales were disappearing from the bottom line. 

What we did

Starting just two months before the Christmas sales season, we took a deep dive into the company’s e-commerce systems to figure out what was causing the problems. What we found were a series of critical failures at almost every stage from order placement to fulfillment.

Having identified ten vital components that needed immediate upgrades for the system to work properly, we helped build a full suite of microservices that would facilitate a smooth and secure flow of information between stores, tills, warehouses, and back offices. 

We developed integrations that would handle everything including taking payments, issuing refunds, running real-time stock checks, and despatching items from the warehouses. We even incorporated non-critical tasks such as emailing order invoices and printing shipping labels.

Furthermore, to prevent the customer from experiencing similar issues again, we built transaction reconciliation dashboards to highlight where any payments may have gone missing so these would no longer go unnoticed.

Technical Highlights

  • Identified critical errors in the order pipeline and rebuilt the system using microservices providing greater efficiency and scalability
  • Logging mechanisms that proactively alert support staff to issues before customers become aware of them


The project was completed in just two months and was ready for the Christmas season. The changes lead to a 200% improvement in sales processing and 80% reduction in service tickets.

March 22, 2021