Who they are

Invevo is an innovative SaaS provider helping large companies manage complex accounts receivables by automating tasks from invoicing to collections.

What they needed

Invevo was looking to redesign and rebuild their legacy SaaS platform and move it to the Microsoft Azure cloud for greater scalability.

Where they were when we started

Invevo’s existing software was a monolith application that was difficult to maintain and update. Every change—big or small—had to be coded, tested, and deployed manually. This took countless hours of developer time and not only slowed the roll out of updates, but also left the entire process vulnerable to human error. 

Furthermore, the legacy platform was housed on a managed cloud service that limited their access and cost them tens of thousands of pounds per week to maintain.

What we did

We were brought on to the project for our expertise in DevOps. Migrating the legacy system to Azure was a hugely complex project. Following the best in DevOps practices, we were able to automate much of the process; thereby, increasing the speed and accuracy with which the migration could be completed.

Automation took over rote development tasks that had previously been handled by humans. This reduced the time it took to deploy any given software change from four hours down to just fifteen minutes. The development team, therefore, could focus more time and energy on writing new code and enhancing the software.

The new platform was built using a sleek microservices infrastructure which made the entire system more robust and easier to maintain. The DevOps tools and procedures we put in place enabled a smooth transition for all clients from the legacy system to the new app with no downtime and no lost or corrupted data.

Technical Highlights

  • Built a brand new suite of Azure DevOps pipelines that would build, test and deploy software and infrastructure
  • Built micro-services to replace the existing monolith software and functionality
  • Migrated all of existing clients from their current managed infrastructure provider over to Azure; re-writing some key aspects of the system in .Net micro-services along the way


Using the DevOps mantra, Invevo was able to drastically improve their software development processes and in doing so benefited their overall operations.

  • Features can now be released much faster making them more responsive to customer needs. 
  • Automated processes eliminated the need for experienced developers to be available out of hours.
  • The migration to Microsoft Azure saved £10k a week in costs associated with maintaining the legacy system
  • Consolidating all clients onto one version of their app eliminated the need to support a handful of versions of their platform each with bespoke pieces

May 4, 2022