Who they are

As the UK arm of a large, international insurance provider, this company employs approximately 2,000 individuals across 8 offices in the UK and insures over 2.1 million policyholders.

What they needed

The company had introduced a new line of life insurance products which they wanted to market via a popular price comparison website. They needed an API that would connect their system to the website, making it possible to provide real-time life insurance quotes to prospective customers.

Where they were when we started

The client had already been working to develop the API for several months. In the meantime, life insurance policies were being quoted manually by phone, which severely limited product exposure, scalability, efficiency, and accuracy.

After an internal staffing issue, we were brought in to help finish the API. Unfortunately, upon evaluating the existing code we found it unworkable. We consulted with the client and they agreed to start over from scratch.

What we did

In just six months time, we built a cloud-native, next-gen API from the ground up. The entire system was built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and incorporated powerful DevOps that made development faster, easier and more powerful. 

In order to speed up quotation times and deliver instant quotes, we deployed a cloud-based NoSQL database. This not only makes the database faster, it provides a fail-safe because data is distributed rather than being stored in a single location--should anything happen at one data center, the API can still access the data in other data centers around the world.

We also automated the processes of building, testing, and deploying changes so the system can be updated as frequently as needed with zero downtime.

Technical Highlights

  • Cloud-based NoSQL database ‍
  • Infrastructure-as-Code that allowed us to teardown and spin up new environments in seven minutes or fewer
  • Serverless functions saved the client over 80% in costs compared to an always-on API
  • Our DevOps allowed us to run full end-to-end integration tests so we could find and fix bugs long before we deployed to the live environment


The new API gave the client the ability to process 30,000 real-time price quotes per day. 

May 4, 2022