Who they are

A small, technology-backed start-up on a mission to simplify insurance. After only three years, this company grew successful enough to be bought out by a larger insurance firm.

What they needed

This client’s aim was to make buying and managing insurance a straightforward process that can be done 100% online.They needed a simple, technology-based solution that would empower customers to get quotes, buy policies, and make claims without having to pick up the phone.

Where they were when we started

As a start-up, this client needed all of the digital fundamentals (database, website, API, and mobile app) built from scratch.

What we did

We were involved from very early on, helping to build the technology they needed to get off the ground.

One of our primary directives was to reduce the number of questions a homeowner had to answer in order to obtain an insurance quote. We did this by helping to build a mobile app that connected via next-gen API to public sources of information such as the land registry. This enabled the app to access relevant information (e.g. crime rate, flood zones, home valuations, etc.) in real time and provide accurate policy underwriting without asking complex, time consuming questions.

Though we can hardly take credit for this company’s incredibly successful technology suite, we were an integral part of the team that helped get them started.

Technical Highlights

  • Built a dynamic AI question-engine
  • Built a Management App in ReactJS to manage the backend configuration for their API and mobile-app. This allowed key features in the software to be configured very easily by the support/business teams, without needing time from the engineers.


Answering just 5 questions on their mobile, a homeowner could get an insurance quote, place their order, and receive policy documentation in under two minutes. This gave the new company a significant competitive advantage over traditional insurance brokers.

March 21, 2021