Completely Flexible Pricing

Development as a Service

Eliminate the inefficiencies that lead to software development cost and time overruns. Development-as-a-Service puts you in control to pay only for the features you need.

Build your software with simple building blocks

No matter how big or small your software development project, you’ll always get transparent, predictable pricing from us.

We break your software development project down into simple, feature-based milestones. Then, each feature is assigned a value in units of work called Story Points. 

Stay in control of costings

You purchase blocks of Story Points to spend on your project as you see fit.

By paying for features, not time, you enjoy greater control over your custom software development costs.

Adapt to an ever-changing environment

As your project evolves, you enjoy the flexibility to swap one feature for another of equal or lesser value without affecting your overall cost.

This gives you the freedom to quickly and affordably adapt to whatever new requirements crop up along the way.
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    The Mad Panda Difference

    Why Development as a Service?

    Traditional tech contracting is broken. Delays constantly cause projects to go over budget. This is compounded by a lack of ownership in multi-contractor teams.

    With Mad Panda, you pay for results, not time. It’s a transparent, delivery-focused pricing model that, as far as we know, is one-of-a-kind in the industry.

    And, since we own our deliverables—delivering projects by feature, not resource—IR35 is a nonissue.