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Frequently asked questions

What is Development-as-a-Service?

Development-as-a-Service is our alternative to traditional tech contracting. It’s flexible, transparent, and delivery-focused—putting you in control of your custom software development. 

With Development-as-a-Service, you only pay for the features you need, even if you aren’t sure what they are yet.

Each project begins with a consultation—a dialogue to define the scope of your software needs. We then break your project down into simple, feature-based milestones, each of which is assigned a value in Story Points. 

You purchase blocks of Story Points to spend on features as you see fit. This gives you the flexibility to swap out one feature for another as your project evolves over time.

What are Story Points?

Borrowed from the Agile project management and development system, Story Points are a unit of work used to estimate the level of effort needed to complete a given feature. 

Because Story Points take into account the volume of work, project complexity, and external factors such as delays, they are a more flexible and accurate unit of measurement compared to time.

By using Story Points to estimate your project requirements, we are able to provide you with transparent and predictable pricing.

What is a feature?

Put simply, a feature is something that you want your custom software to do. 

A feature may be small, like adding a “forgot my password” button to your app’s login page. Or it may be large, like providing thousands of employees across multiple locations the ability to file a workplace incident report from their phone.

The larger the feature, the more Story Points it will cost. However, larger features can often be broken down into smaller building blocks in order to give your project greater flexibility.

What are microservices?

“Microservices” refers to an application development technique whereby a large application is built as a suite of smaller, modular components.

Each component supports a specific task (such as logging data or generating alerts), and communicates with the other microservices to form an integrated system. Building your application as a suite of microservices reduces development time and makes the entire system easier to maintain in the future.

What is integration and why do I care about it?

Custom integration is a great way to get all of your systems talking to each other without you having to manually oversee it. You can look forward to reducing work duplication, fewer errors and the avoidance of wasted employee hours.

What is DevOps and how can it help my business? 

DevOps combines software development and IT operations to automate certain processes. The beauty of this partnership is that software systems can be developed more quickly for continuous, streamlined delivery, without compromising on quality.

When working with our in-house DevOps experts, you can relax as we take care of every stage of software development—from building and testing right through to deployment.

What is automation and why do I want it?

Automation is the programming of computer systems to take over manual tasks. This allows you to complete work faster and more accurately.

By developing technology that automates repetitive actions we can free up your employees to focus on new projects that grow your business. In this way, automation increases productivity while reducing your exposure to human error.

How can smart software help my business?

We can program your software to make life easier in a number of ways. Smart software can monitor itself for potential errors, send alerts to help you stay atop your workflow, and leverage automation to complete tasks on its own with no human monitoring.

Put simply, smart software helps you be more productive while doing less manual work.

Which type of businesses do you work with?

All types! Big or small. Public or private. In any industry. 

Regardless of what you need your custom software to do, we can build the most sophisticated technology to help you achieve your business goals.

Can you help streamline retail transactions?


We have over a decade of experience working with large retailers and can build bespoke integrations that handle payments, refunds, invoicing and shipping demands to name just a few.

In particular, we take pride in being able to show retailers where they’re losing money, and how they can unlock greater revenue as a result.

How can Mad Panda help with IR35?

Freelance contracting can be a grey area in terms of disguised employment legislation. At Mad Panda we like things a bit more black and white.

We operate using fixed-price, statement-of-work contracts. As such, we own our deliverables and serve as a B2B vendor, not contractors.

How do I get started?

Simply drop us a line and we’ll get back to you to find out more about your current problems and future business aims.