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A radical new approach to custom software development

our mission

Faster, more cost-effective software development

Your business is unique. No one-size-fits-all, out-of-the-box software package is going to cut it for you. You need a solution that’s tailored to you like a fine suit. And you need it yesterday. For a price that will ultimately pay for itself.

We get it.

At Mad Panda we’re dedicated to developing software solutions customised to the exact contours of your business. Whether we’re building an entire system from scratch or retrofitting existing infrastructure, our solutions will streamline your operations, increase productivity, and maximise customer satisfaction...all without wasting your time or money.
our pricing

Improving your ROI

Our unique Development-as-a-Service pricing model puts you in control of your software development costs. 

You pay for features delivered, not time or resources spent. Meaning you get elite software development with little to no risk of budgetary overruns. (And complete IR35 compliance.)

Faster development + predictable costs = improved return on your custom software investment.

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what we do

Streamlining operations

Systems Integrations

Our team of integration specialists can help you eliminate waste, improve team efficacy, and save you from customer service headaches. As your business grows, let us help you with:
  • Enabling communication between internal and third party systems
  • Automatically retrieving, processing, and merging customer data
  • Creating new, enhanced features by equipping different software systems to work together
  • Making sure all your systems work together with peak efficacy
See how custom integrations helped one of our customers to generate 30,000 new leads per day and another eliminate significant waste from their operations.

Enhanced Data

We live in the information age. Yet all that data does you no good unless you can see it, analyze it, and act on it.

We have the expertise to understand your data, dissect it, and put it to use. Let us build the programs you need to turn your raw data
into a competitive advantage.

See how we helped one customer increase sales performance by 200% by improving the flow of data through their system.


Software that’s built especially for your business can bring game-changing precision to your operations. Custom-built, automated processes will quickly and reliably manage mundane, repetitive tasks that otherwise chew up valuable staff time and leave you vulnerable to human error. 

See how one company used automation to reduce the time it takes to release new product updates from 4 hours down to just 15 minutes.